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Ross’ musical career began at age 10 after an impromptu ‘listening test’ in primary school resulted in 7 years of classical violin and piano lessons.

Although classical training had a crucial effect on his musical learning, it didn’t come with a ‘cool factor’ attached to it and as a result his hunger for learning the guitar took hold. However, there was a slight issue. Every 13 year old boy wants to play guitar when they start a band at high school; but who’s going to play bass?

Horrified by the prospect of ‘only 4 strings’ and root notes to play, he wasn’t keen to say the least, but thankfully a chance event occurred. The drummer in his first band decided it was time to show him the most important musical clip of his life; a video of John Entwistle from ‘The Who’ playing his infamous bass solo in their hit ‘My Generation’. Having just witnessed the ‘coolest’ thing he’d ever seen in rock, he started to beg his parents for a 4 string bass on a daily basis.

Despite being so fortunate to obtain a decent musical education from an early age, music had always been a major priority in Ross’ life thanks to his father David’s impressively eclectic taste in bands. Through David’s endless musical boot camps, Ross incorporated many styles into his own playing; everything from progressive rock, to Scandinavian nu-jazz, to 70’s P-funk.

Upon finishing high school and earning a place on Strathclyde University’s B.A. Applied Music course, Ross began to focus his efforts solely on bass guitar and audio production as endless projects of varying genre were beginning to pour in. The course also graced its students with an extensive network of musicians from all backgrounds, stretching from Classical to Folk.

Ross graduated from the B.A. Applied Music Course with Honours in 2005 specialising in bass guitar and recording and sound production. However, that was merely the beginning of his musical journey…

In 2010 Ross was chosen to edit, mix and master Griogair Labhruidh and Doimnic Mac Giolla Bhride’ s album ‘ Guaillibh ‘a Chéile ‘ in 2010.

As of 2014 Ross is currently focusing on two major projects, Federation of the Disco Pimp and Mànran. Through these projects and others, he has been fortunate enough to share the stage with the likes of 'George Clinton', 'Craig Charles', 'Snarky Puppy', ‘Martha Wainwright’, ‘Edwin Collins’, ‘The Cat Empire’, ‘Nizlopi’ and ‘Imelda May’ to name but a few.

In July 2014, Ross performed with Federation of the Disco Pimp as the house band for BBC 1's 'Tonight at the Games' show as part of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014.  The show was well received and broadcast to millions around the world.

In September 2014, Ross returned to Studio G 5000 in Brooklyn, NY for the 2nd time to record Federation of the Disco Pimp's 3rd studio album 'Inamorata', alongside production and engineering wizard 'Joel Hamilton' (Justin Timberlake, Elvis Costello, Christopher Walken, Nina Simon, to name but a few).

Ross has toured and still tours the world extensively and has been fortunate enough to visit countless towns and cities in Europe, America, Australia and Asia.  





Federation of the Disco Pimp